1.Coming to our store

After placing an order,you can take delivery of goods from our offline store to save postage.

Our address is as follow:

9/F, Oxford Commercial Building, No.494-496 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, HK

Opening hours:

Mon-Sun 10:00am-9:00pm

Contact phone number:3111 6899/ 3974 6660


2.Delivery service(Macau&Hong Kong)

We will arrange the delivery of goods by sf-express after the guest has paid.

For received faster,It is suggested that guests fill in the SF Station/SF service center or business district address.

As for home delivery (non-commercial area), SF express will charge service fee  separately.

Warm prompt: As to The estimated delivery time, commercial areas need 2-3 working days.Non-commercial areas, residential and remote areas,need 3-4 working days.

Express charging standard as follows:

Hong Kong: HK$50

Macau: HK$60


Delivery company::  sfexpress

Additional charge of SF delivery in HK:

Additional charge of SF(HK$):

Delivery method Address Additional charge of SF(HK$)
Self Pick-Up SF Station/SF Service Center HK$0
On commercial area commercial area(non-remote area) HK$0
Home delivery non-commercial area HK$30
Remote area HK$30



Non-commercial property refers to the residential property.

For non-commercial properties located in remote areas, only hk $30 surcharge will be charged.

A additional working day will be required when it comes to the noncommercial area.

SF express reserves the right to final interpretation


(**The projection screen has special delivery charges.**)


After the goods are sent out,Y5 will notify the guests by email.

Customers can also check the shipping information in account.


3.Overseas delivery service (Taiwan)

After the guest has paid online, we will arrange the delivery to the T-Cat to Send the goods to the designated place.


 T-Cat : 
Normal conditions: In 3 days: the whole district of xinbei city, the whole district of Taipei city, the whole district of keelung city, the city of zhubei, the city of hsinchu, taoyuan county,

Part of the city (zhongli city, pingzhen city, turtle mountain township, longtan township, taoyuan city, bader city), taichung city (besides heping district).

In 4 days: the above areas are not listed.

Cut-off time: We are out of service after 18:00 and deliver the goods at noon tomorrow.
service zone: Towns and counties in Taiwan,Penghu area, kinmen area, kinmen lantau (little kinmen), small ryukyu, green island, matsu (dongxiang).
Enquiry hotline: 412-8888(Mobile phone: +02) There will be occasional changes in the delivery service scope. Please call for confirmation first.


Warm prompt: Delivery need 6-8 working days generally.We’ll try our best to ensure the delivery of the goods on time.Meanwhile customers can log in Y5.HK account to check the shipping status.

Express fee as follow:

TAIWAN :HKD$60 (around NT $250)